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☇ The Hero’s Journey ☈

Iskander Krayenbosch: Since the beginning of time people are fascinated by stories of hero’s. But did you know there is a fundamental structure that’s lies beneath all these tales of fantasy. Joseph Campbell, a famous mythologist, was the first to discover similarities within all ancient myths. He called it the Monomyth. According to him there are 17 stages in which every hero has to walk through one way or the other. In the hero’s journey 12 of these stages are visualized by using iconic blockbuster movies that follow the same structure of storytelling. ✅

N9VE: The Guardian ……!

N9VE → The Guardian ………….!

N9VE: The Guardian is a free interpretation of the parable “Before the Law” from Kafka’s book “The Trial”. A peasant after traveling the world arrives in front of a gate, controlled by a fearsome Guardian. The peasant tries to pass through but the Guardian denies him entrance. Peasant and Guardian are the same character, the peasant, like each one of us, in front of his own fear; the guardian, something shapeless, that surround and control him.
the Door/Gate the possibilities we encounter during our life.



We are NETWORKS! 日本のバンド!
NETWORKS: We are three close men loving music and all world. And we play the keyboards, the guitar and the drums.

From HOT JAPAN! 40℃ over!
Absolute Extreme movie Final ROck!
Mina Sama O-2-CARE-Sama ..

Director/CG animator: YOSHINO Kohei!
CG animator: KANEKO Satoru!

“Sizq” has been recorded in 2nd Album “Dynamic Nature” ….!

“NETWORKS × YOSHINO Kohei” Live Performance,
in Aug 15th 2015 at TOKYO Daikanyama UNIT!!